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Project management — Coordination and supervision of the entire publishing process — Budgeting — Concept development — Evaluation of publishers’ quotations — Overall communication between editors, institutions, authors, artists and publishers — Coordination with graphic designers, prepress and printing companies — Cost control — Supplementary management — > References on request Editorial management — Text revision and qualitiy assurance in close coordination with editors and authors — Organisation and monitoring of peer review processes — Assignment, coordination and control of translations — Editorial revisions and updates for reprints and new editions — Supervision of bilingual publications — Indexing — > References on request Image copyrights — Researching image material and checking for public domain usage — Procurement of high-resolution, printable reproductions and digitised files — Licensing usage rights to copyright material — Obtaining permission from relevant institutions and artists to reproduce illustrations — Image processing and editing — Compiling picture and photo credits — > References on request Open access — Content management within digital editorial systems — Text formatting and adaptation to templates for data exports — Licensing and storage of standard data and metadata — Conversion to open access formats (PDF, HTML) and reporting to databases — Usage statistics — Academic communication — Inclusion of digital publication formats in the institution’s digital strategy — > References on request
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